yesterday I went to the lcbo to pick up beer because today’s my sister’s birthday and we’re going out tonight. normally I get buddha beer. they didn’t have any buddha beer. cue me walking around in the freezer going ‘what the hell is the rest of this shit? how do I know it’s any good? what the hell?’

I don’t buy alcohol often.


don’t look at me

18,820 plays


use headphones

right ear: track 20 (jellyfish song)
left ear: track 21 (malfunctioning jellyfish song)


All I got out of today’s episode, tbh


and the bar is a nazi hideout 


and the bar is a nazi hideout 


Shots fired

ok so we have security in our store now as people just dressed in civies pretending to be customers while keeping an eye on people who are doing Shifty Business.

one of them called one of our newer cashiers (who always makes mistakes and isn’t very smart, if I’m being honest) and told her to check between these two pans a woman in her line had.

the woman asked the cashier why she was checking between the pans instead of just hitting the quantity button and the cashier replied, ‘because security told me to.’

the woman proceeded to complain to any employee who would listen (so like 6 people) and my supervisors and managers had to do damage control over this and just. how. how are you that dumb.